I was born in Albuquerque, but my parents took a bet on adventure and moved us to Berkeley, California where I grew up. After college, spent three years teaching second grade bilingual and a first-second combo in East Oakland. The school had a dedicated group of teachers, parents and students with limitless potential, but disorganized district and school leadership could not keep it from failing No Child Left Behind. I worked with a team of parents and teachers to reconstitute it as a new small school. Our new school used frequent standards-based assessments to target instruction to individual students’ needs and supported teachers through professional learning communities, leading it to become one of Oakland’s most-improved schools.

I moved to Irvine when my partner took a job at UC Irvine, and I worked as a reading intervention specialist and English Language Development coordinator in Vista. While my students improved multiple grade levels with targeted reading intervention, the program was ultimately canceled due to the tumultuous financial and political climate in my district during the Great Recession. My experiences teaching in under-resourced schools, embedded in dynamic policy contexts, led me to pursue a PhD in Education Policy and Social Context at UC Irvine. I then spent two years as a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University’s Center for Education Policy Analysis, examining state and district policy issues in the context of two Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships. I have since returned to UC Irvine and am an Assistant Professor in the School of Education.